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KJ’s Market IGA in Grovetown, GA Celebrates Its Grand Opening

Floco Foods marked the grand opening of KJ’s Market IGA in Grovetown, Georgia on October 30, 2013. The new store is 34,000 square feet, representing a 89% increase over the prior Grovetown IGA’s 18,000 square feet.

In addition, the Grovetown team is comprised of 94 men and women, a significant jump over the 44 employees in the prior location. The new store added a deli-bakery, full-service seafood department, and a host of amenities at the service desk, including Western Union, Bill Pay, a coin machine, lottery sales, and DVD rentals. The new store further expanded its grocery, meat and produce sections and added gourmet items such as wines, specialty cheeses, and olives.

Managing the store is Doug Benton, who joined Floco Foods in 2013. He trained over the summer in Augusta and Harlem and turned exclusively to preparing the new store for the grand opening in August. Benton has 40 years in the grocery business with chains such as Big Star, BI-LO, Wal-Mart, and Harris-Teeter. He is proud to be taking that experience and applying it to a new challenge with KJ’s Market IGA in Grovetown, where he hopes to take advantage of the wonderful too that W. Lee Flowers provided in the form of a cutting-edge, modern, and brand new store.

At a meeting the night before grand opening, Benton shared his philosophy of aggressive hospitality, telling employees that competitors can have everything we have, “except for you.” Benton’s goal is to take the Hometown Proud feel of the old store and create that same atmosphere in the new location.

Floco Foods’ John Symons described the new Grovetown IGA as “a beautiful store with a lot of added variety and services.” He added, “Doug Benton and his staff did a fantastic job of assembling a great group of employees who are really customer-focused. Sales continue to grow for is in Grovetown because of the great facility and great employees.”

With what Benton and Symons recognize as an experienced, mature, and motivated team of men and women working toward a common goal, KJ’s Market IGA in Grovetown is bound to be a big success.