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KJ’s Market IGA’s open in Waynesboro, GA, Sylvania, GA and Batesburg, SC

Floco Foods recently opened 3 new KJ’s Market IGA’s in Waynesboro, GA, Sylvania, GA and Batesburg, SC. The company purchased these 3 former Harveys stores from Bi-Lo holdings earlier this year.

At each location, the store was closed on a Saturday and reopened the following Saturday as a KJ’s Market IGA. The Floco Foods store set team and other key employees worked long hours resetting the store, cleaning from top to bottom, changing out point of sale equipment, and re-branding the store as an IGA.

Most of the former Harveys employees were retained at each location and the stores hours remain 7 am – 10 pm, seven days a week. Customers who are used to shopping the Wednesday sales at the store can still do so, as there is a Wild Wednesday special each week featuring promotional and popular items.

Floco Foods’ John Symons had this to say when asked about the new stores “We are very excited to continue serving the loyal customers in these 3 towns. We are committed to these communities and will focus on buying and selling local produce and products. IGA’s motto is “Hometown Proud” and we are very proud to be serving Waynesboro, Sylvania and Batesburg.”

Floco Foods is based in Lake City, SC and owns 39 grocery stores in North and South Carolina and Georgia.  It ranks as one of the largest South Carolina headquartered grocery retailers and is the only retailer based in Florence County.

IGA is the world’s voluntary supermarket network with aggregate worldwide retail sales of more than $29 billion per year. The Alliance includes more than 5,000 Hometown Proud Supermarkets worldwide, supported by 36 distribution centers and more than 55 major manufacturers, vendors and suppliers encompassing everything from grocery to equipment items. IGA has operations in 46 of the United States and more than 40 countries, commonwealths and territories.